A better option than a security deposit, offering up to 3 months tenant cover

We provide landlords with the best tenants in the market, while helping individuals build trust score & access alternative financial solutions and services.

Simple, Safe and Hassle - free for landlords

Hayya is backed by a strong, trusted carrier that insures over $10 billion annually

Lower Void Periods

Join our partner landlord community and list units Deposit Free to offer tenants the chance to save money so your properties stand out in a crowded market.

Collect Payment Securely

Eliminate the headaches of cheque management for good, and give your tenants the ability to pay their rent from anywhere, with any payment method.

Get Enhanced Protection

Better then a security deposit, enrolled landlords are always covered. By signing up to Hayya, tenants opt for a security deposit alternative that provide landlords up to 3 month rent cover.

Hassle Free Claims

We monitor tenant payments & handle pre-move in & post move out inspections. In case of contractual breach, our service team manage the claim process and disbursements directly to you.

How It Works?

Have control of the rental process, get your tenants covered, and start collecting rental payments with ease!

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All landlords are entitled for a free demo, and a full on-site consultation with one of our account management team members before subscribing.

List Your Property

Select the most suitable subscription option and get your first month subscription for free. Our account management team members will handle your onboarding and assist you with initial property listings.

Refer Tenants

Utilize the built-in “Add Tenant” + button in your dashboard to link tenants to the selected listing, and share the generated link to direct tenants to sign up with Hayya.

Get Covered

Tenants sign up to Hayya by using the shared link, start building their score, and purchase the security deposit alternative for instant cover.

Receive Payments

Tenants start making payments online by using their banking debit, or credit card - No cash or checks.

What people are saying about Hayya

“Amazing concept and a great way to save. I saved AED 10,000 on my rental costs by renting through Hayya”

Sara - Tenant

“Its a no brainer, tenants will fall in love with the properties we offer. Finally we can close deals faster”

Tim - Property Agent

“A great solution to help us rent properties faster. Cheques management and handling has always been a pain for both tenants and landlords”

Neema - Property Manger

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Hayya Score™ is an advanced scoring platform based on big data and predictive analytics that verify and pre-approve renters - saving you time and money!

  • Digital onboarding and verification
  • Employer and Landlord referencing
  • Affordability and income verification
  • Credit Bureau integration
  • Behavioral data aggregation


HAYYA Surety™ is a security deposit alternative that provides you with up to 3 month tenant cover in case of early termination or property damage.

  • Instant policy issued by partner insurer
  • Hustle free, transparent and fair claim management
  • Paid by tenants


HAYYA PAY ™ is an online payment platform built to simplify rental collection.

  • Quicker funds, faster reconciliations,real-time reporting tools
  • Flexible options for tenants and multiple payment options
  • Dedicated support and security


We use tokenization and SSL encryption for all users, payment and transaction information stored behind firewalls with constant monitoring and accessed via secure protocols such as HTTPS. All credit cards and account information are stored in a PCI DSS compliant network. In other words we use the same technology as your bank, so you know your information is safe and secure.

Simple, hassle free and Instant.